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Greetings and Welcome to EdGuru Edge!

EdGuru Edge is a platform for sharing experiences and expertise to initiate and facilitate systemic changes and improvements in education. I hope you find EdGuru Edge informative, inspiring, enlightening, and entertaining. 

During my 26 years as an educator, I have been a high school biology teacher, a middle school math teacher, an elementary, middle, and high school assistant principal, a middle school principal, and a college instructor. Currently I serve as the academic principal of an all-boys common school. 

My eighth year as an educator, I was chosen to become principal of a school that had been rated as failing for seven consecutive years. Consequently, it had been placed under the State Department of Education’s proprietorship. As the lead administrator, with a dynamic, collaborative team of educators, we led this middle school to become one of only ten in the state to move more than one accountability level in one school year. As a result, the school was rated as successful and moved out of school improvement. 

I was also the principal of the middle school that had always been rated as underperforming by state and national standards and had never met annual yearly progress (AYP). My first year serving as principal, the school had a significant increase on all state tests and met AYP. The second year, the school moved out of school improvement and was rated successful. 

I have served on several leadership teams and served as the chairperson of the school improvement team for a very large school district. I have also served as a member of the District’s disciplinary policy review committee and the State Task Force for Literary Improvement. 

For me, teaching and learning are essential and incessant. Having positive, professional interactions with students, parents, and educators are my energizing motivation. Modeling and sharing effective instructional strategies are my means for keeping abreast of what the current trends and needs are in global education. Witnessing the positive changes I have facilitated in students and educators keep me inspired to never stop improving as an educational leader. 

I am glad you found EdGuru Edge and hope you find the information relevant, applicable, easy to use, and valuable.

Roy Pope, Ph.D.

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