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How school leaders can find the right persons to help them improve their school

School leaders are responsible for the complex, demanding task of overseeing the management of a school. When school leaders are supported by the right people, every aspect of academic learning and education management improves. With the right assistance from helpful persons, school leaders will see significant improvement in their classrooms and school buildings.

However, it can be difficult to find the right persons to assist school leaders with their responsibilities. Educators should review the following suggestions to find helpful individuals that will encourage academic growth and improvement at their schools.

Look for Educated Teachers who are Passionate about Learning

Good teachers are essential for school improvement. Teachers will interact with students on a daily basis, plan lessons, and help enforce school rules. Finding the right teacher will help students as they learn and will promote discipline in the classroom.

When interviewing persons for teaching positions at schools, leaders should ask for their previous teaching history and level of education. Teachers with previous experience in teaching should already understand the complexities of managing a classroom in a school setting and have practice in teaching and interacting with students. Any amount of previous teaching experience is an indication that the candidate will be an improvement to the school’s management.

Leaders should also inquire about the amount of education the teaching candidate has. Persons who have attended a college or university and have gotten a degree in teaching are typically more qualified to educate students than those with no professional training or schooling.

In some cases, however, professionally trained teachers with experience or degrees are not available. In these scenarios, school leaders should look for individuals that are passionate about learning and have enough knowledge and resources to successfully teach a class. As long as a person has the necessary education to effectively teach others and will excitedly teach students in a way that is easy to understand, they will help school leaders with their duties and will improve the school as they teach their students.

Seek Help from the Community

School leaders often find that local community members are a helpful resource and can improve schools. School leaders can notify the community of their needs for leadership assistance, school teachers, or other academic positions.

Community members may be able to teach classes, help administration, fill positions, or provide demonstrations at the school based on their unique talents (Staff). Community members and local neighbors can participate in school fundraisers and activities or work with school leaders and administration to improve the school for the students (Mackinnon).

Additionally, community members may be able to help with the school’s practical needs by providing basic school supplies or a place to hold classes or by contributing funds to the school.

In communities where many local children attend the school, neighbors may be more likely to contribute time and resources for the benefit of the school. Posting job notices and advertisements can be helpful for school leaders as they look for individuals to contribute to the school.

Encourage Parents to Take an Active Role in Their Child’s Education

School leaders will learn that the right persons to improve schools are often the parents of attending students. Educators should encourage parents to actively participate and communicate with their children as they go to school so that they are aware of what their child is learning.

Parents are proven to help improve schools in many ways. They can volunteer to help teach or demonstrate a specific skill or ability in their child’s class (Staff). Parents can create a parent-teacher council and hold regular meetings with teachers and leaders to discuss the needs of the school and the students. Parents can also help guide the students home to make sure they are safe on their way home from school (Staff). If schools need volunteer cleaning or maintenance of the building, parents can volunteer to help maintain and clean the school. If a school has specific needs or requires help, parents should be sent notes that encourage them to make the school a better place for their children.

Occasionally, there may be situations where students’ parents are unable or unwilling to volunteer or contribute to improving the school. School leaders should be sensitive to these scenarios and their students as they ask parents and community members for help.

Utilize Online Resources

There are many online resources for school leaders to improve their schools. Leaders can use online volunteer programs to find persons who can volunteer at and improve schools. Teachers and leaders can also use online social media groups to advertise their school’s needs and seek help from the community. Global and local volunteer organizations can be contacted online and will help leaders contact willing volunteers who can contribute their time, energy, and talents to improving the school. Online programs also offer quick, easy ways to contact many people or volunteers at once.

By following these steps, school leaders will find that their students and school improve. As leaders employ passionate, educated teachers, encourage parent and community participation, and look for online volunteers, they will find the right persons to contribute time, resources, and talents to improving and organizing their school.


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