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5 Suggestions to Improve Your Wellness

There are quite a few ways to improve health and wellness. The most common ways are not surprising.  Because these are some of the simplest ways to create a noticeable improvement in your health and wellness, these five suggestions are frequently found on health and wellness lists.

Drink more water.
A quick and easy way to improve overall health is drinking more water. Water is essential for survival. Up to 60% of the adult body is composed of water. Water also makes up close to 73% of the brain and heart. Limiting water intake can cause headaches, fatigue, and dizziness: all symptoms of dehydration. 

While there are a lot of suggestions on how to estimate the proper amount of water to drink, a good measurement is to drink enough water for your urine to be light colored or almost clear.  

Get more sleep.

Sleep is an essential bodily function. Several things happen while the body is resting. Memory is transferred from short-term to long-term; blood pressure is lowered, which gives the heart a rest; and blood sugar levels are adjusted, helping to prevent the onset of diabetes. Getting more sleep also helps to improve concentration. Not only will you be healthier overall, but you can also be more productive when you get more sleep.


Daily exercise elevates heart rates and increases energy use. Cardio exercise can help improve health and prevent heart disease by strengthening the heart. Using and stretching muscles keeps them limber and ready for normal use. 

Those who exercise typically consume more water, which helps cleanse the body of illnesses and toxins. If you are struggling with beginning an exercise regimen, trainers and fitness programs are great sources for suggestions.

Eat nutritious foods.

The body requires various vitamins and energy sources to function properly. By consuming a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, a person can obtain most or even all the nutrients they need. Probiotics, which are in certain dairy products and picked vegetables, help keep the good bacteria in the stomach healthy and thriving.

While completely eliminating meat from your diet isn’t mandatory for good health, some suggest limiting it and prioritizing nutrition by other means. Eating lean meats may even contribute to general wellness. Meats, especially white meats like chicken and fish, contain fats that can help improve heart function. 


Meditation is a unique practice in that it is not necessarily done physically. Meditation, primarily done mentally, is a wellness exercise that brings the mind to things here and now. Meditation can help improve sleep, lower stress levels and blood pressure, and increase attention spans. While meditation may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about wellness, it has health benefits that are just as impactful as any other suggestion for improving health and wellness.

Disclaimer:  EdGuru nor its affiliates are medical professionals or are certified to give medical advice.  Refer to and use this information at your own discretion.  

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