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4 Wellness Apps that Actually Work

Focus on health, fitness, and wellness is becoming increasingly popular. Mobile apps are a convenient way to learn about and track health, fitness, and wellness.   As demand for quality programs and resources increases, producers arise to fill the need. Of the hundreds of apps that exist on these topics, which ones actually work best? 

Here are four apps that offer quality content for the best deals available.

Headspace (App store: 4.9 from 800k+ ratings; Google play: 4.5 from 200k+ reviews)

Do you need to take three minutes to relax? Sit down for a short session with the Headspace app. Trouble falling asleep? Try some relaxation exercises in bed. Those struggling with mental health or sleep issues or who generally want to feel more relaxed throughout the day will find a lot of value from Headspace

Headspace works very well with a busy schedule. It contains several meditations and mindfulness activities customizable for a variety of circumstances. This app will help you work through mental hurdles that arise throughout the day.

Headspace works primarily through an in-app subscription. Most of the content requires payment, but the app introduces users to basic programs for free and premium programs through a free trial. 

Deliciously Ella (App store: 4.9 from 5k+ ratings; Google play: 4.5 from 2k+ reviews)

The Deliciously Ella app offers recipes for those who want to eat more natural foods. Choose from hundreds of recipes that use plant-based ingredients. The modest subscription fee makes it work well for any budget. 

Alomoves (App store: 4.9 from 14k+ ratings; Google play: 4.4 from 6k+ reviews)

Yoga is a popular and effective method for relaxing and strengthening the body. Alomoves not only offers yoga content, it offers cardio workouts and fitness programs. Alomoves also includes a variety of mindfulness and general wellness courses.  If you are into yoga or mindfulness, surely this app has something for you.

Alomoves offers two weeks of free, premium content.  Within those two weeks, you can try their custom exercises and rate the programs for yourself. 

Nike Training Club (App store: 4.9 from 246k+ ratings; Google play: 4.7 from 300k+ reviews)

Nike Training Club recently released a lot of free content. If working with full-body weight isn’t helping you fulfill your wellness goals, try the Nike Training Club to help you achieve your desired level of physical fitness. 

Health, fitness, and wellness are more popular topics than ever now.  As you focus on becoming the best version of yourself, choose from these four apps to help you meet your health, fitness, and wellness goals.

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