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What You Can Do Now to Improve Your Teaching Abilities

Some persons are born with a natural talent for teaching. They are comfortable in a classroom, are at ease when instructing others, and excel at connecting with students. They are passionate about education and are excited about learning and growth. However, not all teachers are created equal. Some teachers may naturally excel in areas where others could improve. 

Regardless of whether teachers are born with natural talent or have gone through training and certification to become an educator, there are always helpful ways in which teachers can add to their abilities and improve their instruction methods. As teachers seek improvement, their efforts and raw teaching ability will combine to make them a better teacher for their growing students. Teachers looking for ways to improve their educational gifts and talents should consider the following actions:

Be Prepared

It does not matter how charming, enthusiastic, or educated a teacher is if they are not prepared to instruct their students. As leaders in schools and communities, teachers are responsible for being prepared for multiple scenarios each day.

Teachers, foremost, should be prepared for each school day. This may require teachers to spend time outside of school preparing lessons, assignments, and tests. They should have all the necessary materials, papers, and resources for their lessons ready before class starts (Meador). When teachers are organized and prepared to teach their students, it creates a smoother learning experience in the classroom, adds to a teacher’s professionalism, and avoids disruptive pauses during class time.

Teachers should also be prepared to protect their students. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, and severe storms may require quick action on the teacher’s part to keep students safe. School threats or intrusions from violent outside sources are an increasing danger in the education world, and teachers should devise a plan of action and be prepared to defend their students. Teachers are also responsible for protecting their students from harassment, bullying, and other harmful behaviors that may occur within schools. While teachers are primarily responsible for academic preparation, they should also be mindful of their more sobering duties to be prepared in the event of an emergency.

Explore continued professional development

Continuous professional development is helpful for teachers of all talents and abilities. There is always some way in which a teacher can improve and better address the needs of their students. As teachers implement professional development in their careers, they will notice an improvement in classroom function and the growth of their students.

Professional development can be defined as any activity or habit that helps teachers practically improve their teaching abilities. Here are several examples of easy professional development strategies that are proven to help teachers:

  • Make a personal commitment. Teachers should set personal goals, separate from school administration. Making and setting small, achievable goals over long periods will help teachers effectively and fully adapt their classrooms to improvements (Davis).
  • Listen to student feedback. The best way for teachers to know if their instruction methods are effective is to ask the students directly. Students can anonymously submit comments about the classroom to the teacher that will candidly help teachers improve their instruction methods (Davis).
  • Study professional development resources. Teachers can reference professional development books and YouTube videos. Online courses, university classes, and regional conferences are also available for teachers seeking personal improvement in their careers (Davis).
  • Meet often with other teachers. Teachers in a particular school or area can regularly meet to discuss student needs and areas of improvement. Combined feedback will help generate a diverse group of possible resolutions and will help enrich the community or school as a whole (Davis).

Have a positive attitude

When teachers have a positive attitude, it has a beneficial impact on their students, their schools, and their lesson plans. Teachers with negative or deprecatory attitudes will deter students, gain an unfavorable reputation at school, and stand as a negative association with learning in the minds of the students.

Teachers can maintain a positive atmosphere in their classes by focusing on the positive aspects of schooling and education. Teachers should avoid complaining to their students about personal affairs or school-associated conflicts. Teachers should learn to control their temper in stressful situations or in working with stressful students. Encouraging a positive learning atmosphere will easily keep students excited about education and engaged in their lessons rather than bored and unhappy with their teacher or class.

Express compassion for the students

Teachers will have the most significant impact on their students when they express genuine concern and love for the people they teach. Teachers should express appropriate interest in students’ personal lives and applaud their successes. Teachers should also express sympathy and solace when students are undergoing stressful situations or failures. Effective teachers can pose as compassionate counselors and practical mentors for struggling students. Most students will not remember the specific lessons their instructor teaches, but they will remember the way their teacher treated them. Good, helpful teachers are proven to leave a positive emotional and academic impression on their students (Meador).

“Every student in America must have a talented teacher leading his or her classroom if he or she is to emerge from his or her K-12 experience college- and career- ready,” and teachers can invariably find ways to improve (Equitable). Teachers can combine their knack for teaching with these quick tips: organized preparation, helpful teacher development, a positive attitude, and a proven love for their students. As they do so, they will quickly see greater success in their classroom organization and develop a fulfilling, rewarding educational career.


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