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5 Technology Resources to Use in Your Classroom

Google Workspace. 

Pros: A wide variety of tools, apps, and learning devices await with Google Workspace. From Google Forms, Google Slides, and Google Docs to the complementary Google Classroom tools, Google Workplace can help transform your classroom into a more connected experience. 

Cons: Privacy can quickly become an issue if students don’t understand how to use Google Workplace and how to protect their data from other students. It could also be difficult to tell where work originated since many students can work on the same document at one time.


Pros: Kahoot is an incredible tool for students who have access to smartphones. You can use premade Kahoots or create your own. You can even assign students the task of creating a classroom Kahoot for the entire class to play to review for a test or an important concept. Kahoots bring competitive natures out, which can be a good thing, as it encourages students to learn and succeed. 

Cons: For students who don’t have smartphones, Kahoots are inaccessible in a lot of ways (although they can be accessed on laptops). They can also foster negative situations for students who are overly competitive. 


Pros: Flipgrid, another tool that educators can use, is primarily for streamlining student submissions. Flipgrid is a video creation/sharing app that allows students to create their own videos and comment on their peers’ work as well as follow instructions that are set up on each assignment. This program is an easy interface to use, and it offers a solution if you are running out of creative assignments for students. 

Cons: Flipgrid can get overwhelming for students very quickly if you are not careful to supplement it with smaller assignments. For students who have anxiety about showing their face on video, Flipgrid may be anxiety-inducing.


Pros: Prezi allows for creativity in the classroom that PowerPoint sometimes diminishes. Prezi allows students to express themselves and learn content better. 

Cons: For students who prefer simplicity, Prezi might be overwhelming.


Pros: JigSpace is a reality app that allows students access to all sorts of different augmented reality lessons. 

Cons: For students with limited technology available, it may be difficult to get JigSpace to function in its normal capacity.

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